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Is Bitcoin ruining the planet?
There's no question about the current price of Bitcoin. Which is currently standing at $16889. While Bitcoin can be very volatile, it can also be a rather good currency. Some would say it's way better than any real currency in the world. But for now, it doesn't matter. According to Eric Holthaus, former columnist for the Wall Street Journal, current contributor to Slate, Bitcoin's success or failure isn't important anymore. What is important is its need for power. And by power, we mean electricity.

Top Tips On Amassing More Instagram Followers
Whether you are looking to do so for business interests or for personal reward, gaining more real Instagram followers is something which is actually pretty simple to do and highly effective in terms of growing your popularity.

Trump orders U.S. government to get rid of Kaspersky products
Trump administration has just ordered U.S. government agencies to stop using Kaspersky Lab products. The order is based on a concern that the Moscow-based cyber security firm might be under Kremlin's influence, and as such, is a national security issue.

Is it still possible to make money with Bitcoin?
I have lately seen questions in Quora and elsewhere, asking if Bitcoin is dead when it comes to making money with it, or is it still possible to make money with it.


Float along with the iCloud

2011-10-16 09:03:22

With a name like that, it's easy to think it's a spoof on Apple's iProducts but don't be disappointed, this really is a new and innovative offering from the techno-giant that promises to impress all Apple product fans.

The iCloud is a service that literally brings together all Apple products; from the iMac, to the iPod to the iPad. The way it works is that using this service will ensure all your data will get stored at the Apple's data centers and this data can be synced along all the products you personally possess.

Why it's so cool? This means your entire collection of movies is now available on your iPod if your iMac ever crashes, it means you can back up your uber important work files in more than one place!

What makes this software even more appealing is the fact that it's being offered free with the iOS 5 software. All the new products being sold in the market are equipped with iOS 5 software, which mean they're totally ready for the iCloud.
Getting into the logistics of the software; it's very easy to use and takes a short while to set up on your devices. No you don't need an overpriced computer technician to help you sort it out, follow the simply instructions and voila, all your devices get updated with all the content you want backed up.

It essentially stores everything across all your devices meaning you get your emails no matter what Mac product you decide to carry across town with you. When you first sign up for iCloud services you get about 5GB of storage, which may seem laughable to techno freaks who have 1TB hard drives and the like.

However, Apple claims its more than enough because the music, TV shows, books and apps that you purchase from them don't take up any space its only camera roll, mail and documents and other similar things that count for this 5GB.

The cons? Essentially this device does what you can do yourself, except faster. The amount of storage space offered is not too great. The pros? You don't have to manage doing cumbersome backup procedures because this handy software does it all for you.

For now, its free and everyone should take advantage of it but we'll only know how powerful and successful this offering is when it starts to be paid for and if it has a fan following.

Until then, float along and let the iCloud worry about keeping all your information safe.

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