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Is Bitcoin ruining the planet?
There's no question about the current price of Bitcoin. Which is currently standing at $16889. While Bitcoin can be very volatile, it can also be a rather good currency. Some would say it's way better than any real currency in the world. But for now, it doesn't matter. According to Eric Holthaus, former columnist for the Wall Street Journal, current contributor to Slate, Bitcoin's success or failure isn't important anymore. What is important is its need for power. And by power, we mean electricity.

Top Tips On Amassing More Instagram Followers
Whether you are looking to do so for business interests or for personal reward, gaining more real Instagram followers is something which is actually pretty simple to do and highly effective in terms of growing your popularity.

Trump orders U.S. government to get rid of Kaspersky products
Trump administration has just ordered U.S. government agencies to stop using Kaspersky Lab products. The order is based on a concern that the Moscow-based cyber security firm might be under Kremlin's influence, and as such, is a national security issue.

Is it still possible to make money with Bitcoin?
I have lately seen questions in Quora and elsewhere, asking if Bitcoin is dead when it comes to making money with it, or is it still possible to make money with it.

Open yourself up for brilliant inspiration and ideas

Open yourself up for brilliant inspiration and ideas

2017-06-29 03:31:02

We live in a world of technology where things are changing daily, new tech is being developed all the time and it's getting more and more difficult to keep up with it. New technology is developed faster than our creative minds. It's even more difficult to come up with your own million dollar ideas to compete with all the other players in the world.

So depending on what you think of such things, you might want to 'hire' some help for your mind every once in a while, help like magic truffles, for example. Something to open up your mind for the world of new ideas, new kind of creativeness.

According to the Magic Truffles company these things can stimulate your minds creative cells and by doing that, give you great insights and more creativity to help you in this ever-changing world.

Besides everything, they are purely natural products that can give you unforgettable spiritual experiences. What's even better is that magic truffles are legal. Note that magic mushrooms are not legal as while truffles contain sclerotia mushrooms contain psilocybin which is on the list of banned substances. Of course, you should check your local laws about it as well, just in case.

But opening up your mind in this quickly evolving world can be a good thing. Just to keep up with the pace and get some relaxation at the same time.

Forget the tech for a sec and come up with new tech ideas the second sec.

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