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Does user interface really matter?
I've been using a few programs for...well, not all my life, but probably since the beginning of 2000s. While there are a lot of different programs to choose from for everything you do these days, what is it that makes me use one or the other program or app? As one thing it's definitely the features it has, the features that you need, but at least for me it's definitely also about the simplicity and about the features they don't have.

The Benefits of Team Management Software
To successfully see a project through to its conclusion, it is vital to effectively manage the individuals undertaking each specific task.

That Gmail new look that you hate
Gmail recently change its look, and while it is not so different from the old one, most people, including me, seem to hate it.

A flying taxi to rule the skies by early 2020s?
Rolls Royce has unveiled a flying taxi concept which can transport up to five passengers as far as 800 kilometers with one charge. The hybrid taxi can fly at speeds of 400kmph, according to the company.

iPhone 4s

Apple iPhone 4S makes its debut

2011-10-16 08:59:33

Apple Aficionados have been waiting for this product since the very day it was revealed that it was in the works. For gadgets freak this is the next step in modern phone technology and being seen without one probably makes you an outsider in the gizmo world.

That explains the astounding 1 million pre orders for Apple's latest offering; the Apple iPhone 4S. Whether it's simply loyalty to the company, a sign of homage to the late founder or simply the general awesomeness of their products, this device is likely to be a hot selling one.

Now let's see what's in store for us as we wait with bated breath to get our hands on this sleek new phone. Lugging a camera and a phone around is a real hassle for some but the thanks to the improved camera features on this phone, with its 8 mega pixel clarity, ability to shoot a 1080 pixel High-Definition video, amazing photo quality in dim and low lighting and photo editing features on the phone itself, you really wont need anything else. With a 60% higher pixel rate than the previous phone, this is a definite step up.

Then, make your acquaintance with Siri; the pseudo person software on the phone. Its selling point is that it's akin to talking to a human being. It lets you use your voice to do a number of things, like send messages and make phone calls. What makes it so special is however that when you say something to it, it replies. You can ask the Siri software to provide you with texts, reminders and even weather updates. This means you can virtually have a conversation with your iPhone 4S and this cool feature alone makes you want to jump on the iPhone bandwagon.
Its new dual core A5 chip makes it generally quicker and more efficient, allowing users to move between applications with greater speed. It is these three improvements on the iPhone 4 make this phone cooler, quicker and vastly covetable.

It doesn't however often anything new as far as its exterior is concerned as its body design is exactly the same as its predecessor, the iPhone 4.

This is the corporation's first major offering since the demise of Steve Jobs, the man who pretty much defined Apple and only time will tell how well it sells from the day of its shop debut, in America from the 14th of October 2011.

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