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Why is Android Better than iOS?

2012-09-20 08:01:02

There are many heated debates regarding which one is the better platform. It offers the major parameters and the basic features associated with it which are responsible for making Android a more preferred option to iOS.

There has been a lot of speculation about whether Android is better or iOS? Well, I am a big fan of Android, so I apologize beforehand if I upset any Apple fan. However, to prove my point, I have put together a long list of reasons why I love my little Android buddy better than iOS.

Don't you find the Droid of Android absolutely adorable! I mean, isn't it an obvious choice between an eaten Apple and a green droid? The very logo is so adorable that you have to buy it no matter you are into technology or not.

Browsing is a very important part of a Smartphone. It is one of the most used functions in any smartphone today. Indeed the iPhone browser does provide a great browsing experience, but it is nothing compared to Android. Safari is a great Browser, but when it comes to flexibility, I am not so sure. Browsing using Safari can be a little unpleasant because it does not use Flash. However, on the iPhone you don't have the freedom to pick another browser because it's a MONOPOLY!

Android allows you just about everything. There are so many options including:

  • Opera Mini
  • Dolphin
  • Google
  • Bing (downloadable)

    These browsers give a unique experience when combined with Gestures and tabs.

    Instead of a million icons strewn across the face of your wallpaper like the iPhone, Android allows you to add widgets to your desktop. These widgets enable you to use the same icon functions. You can use the twitter widget to update statuses, the weather widget to directly tell you the weather. People Widget can be used to conduct different actions with a simple click. The whole look and feel of the Android wallpaper is completely different form that of an iPhone.

    No one can possibly argue that the connectivity of any other device is better than an Android. The Android experience is genuinely superior. I have been the proud owner of both these platforms (owing to my profession). I have experienced personally that there is a mile of difference between Android and Phone when it comes to connectivity. Whether it is Wi-Fi or even Bluetooth, no one beats the Android. It also offers an easy option for getting connected.

  • Turn on/off Bluetooth
  • Turn on/off Wi-Fi
  • Turn on/off Mobile Network
  • Turn on/off GPS

    You don't need to delve into pages and more inner pages. Simple swipe action enables you to switch your connection on and off.

    Notification Curtain
    I absolutely love the notification roll down curtain offered by Android. It is so simple, easy to access and fluid. You really need not bother with the whole keep on clicking kind of a role. Simply roll the curtain down and you can click the notification and you shall reach there.

    Open Source
    Although I put it here as the last point, the most important reason, so as to why the Android is better than the iPhone is mostly because it is open source. Apart from the fact that it's free it is also open for a huge user community base. There are hundreds of mobile app builder globally who contribute significantly towards Android Application Development.

    Device Options
    There are so many options when you think of Android. There is a Samsung, Htc, Micromax, Reliance and so many other Companies that are providing devices that are Android enabled. But with the iOS you are doomed to use the iPhone. The iPhone has only 4 models as of now. It isn't necessary that you will find one of the four suited for you.

    About the author:

    Samuel is head of developer's team who Creates Professional Android Applications @ VitebMobileApps. VitebMobileApps is Android Application Development Company , that offers services across the globe. They are recognized across the world for their skilled team of developers and a long list of satisfied clients.

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