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Cybersecurity tips to keep you safe from the CIA
The recent leaks, if you start thinking about it, should make us all at least just a bit paranoid.

Facebook is launching Messenger Day, Snapchat alternative
Facebook announced yesterday that they will be launching a new feature on their Messenger chat app. The features is a clone of Snapchat stories, and is meant to let people share their video diaries with just selected groups. Messenger Day also comes with a 24-hour auto-delete.

Did Trump manage to save Twitter?
In my eyes, Trump has given a huge boost to Twitter, especially considering that these days everyone are talking about Twitter every day. Everyone are even posting screenshots, or actual twitter messages inside their articles, and news stories. But has the free publicity actually helped twitter to come out of the hole they were in?

Batteries just got three times better
John Goodenough, co-inventor of Lithium-Ion battery, introduced a new battery that promises to hold three times more energy than li-on batteries. The battery is also safer, so there no chance of it exploding, and performs well even in low temperatures.

eSight 3 headset restores sight like in Star Trek

eSight 3 headset restores sight like in Star Trek

2017-02-16 03:13:23

Have you seen Star Trek: The Next Generation? I'm personally sort of a fan of it, and have probably seen each episode a few times (yes, I do have too much free time in my hands). In the series ship's engineer La Forge is wearing a headset called Visor that helps him see (even though yes, he can see sort of a matrix-like world, or okay, maybe more of a world as seen through infrared camera or something).

Now, a real-world alternative has been created to Visor, and it's called eSight 3 which can help vision issues for many legally blind people. It comes with a high-resolution camera and optical prisms, the video image is then presented to the user.

"I remember putting them on and looking up and I saw my husband who I'd been married to for eight years and had never seen before," said one user of eSight 3 to Cnet.

According to the CEO of eSight, the tech has better than 50 percent chance of working with all eye sight conditions and to try if it works, you just need to try it on. Nothing else needed.

The cost of eSight is around $15,000.

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