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What does it take to build the World's Tallest Buildings?
Nowadays, it is almost impossible to visit the world's largest cities without being towered over by skyscrapers. From London to Dubai, several countries are in constant competition to earn the esteemed title of the world's tallest building.

Is Bitcoin ruining the planet?
There's no question about the current price of Bitcoin. Which is currently standing at $16889. While Bitcoin can be very volatile, it can also be a rather good currency. Some would say it's way better than any real currency in the world. But for now, it doesn't matter. According to Eric Holthaus, former columnist for the Wall Street Journal, current contributor to Slate, Bitcoin's success or failure isn't important anymore. What is important is its need for power. And by power, we mean electricity.

Top Tips On Amassing More Instagram Followers
Whether you are looking to do so for business interests or for personal reward, gaining more real Instagram followers is something which is actually pretty simple to do and highly effective in terms of growing your popularity.

Trump orders U.S. government to get rid of Kaspersky products
Trump administration has just ordered U.S. government agencies to stop using Kaspersky Lab products. The order is based on a concern that the Moscow-based cyber security firm might be under Kremlin's influence, and as such, is a national security issue.

Five finalists remain in Google Lunar X Prize competition to land a spacecraft on the Moon

Five finalists remain in Google Lunar X Prize competition to land a spacecraft on the Moon

2017-01-25 10:25:56

The Google Lunar X Prize (or Moon 2.0) competition has just five teams left competing for the $30 million prize. The challenge? To land a spacecraft on the moon. The competition is sponsored by google and organized by a non-profit organization XPRIZE.

The teams left in the competition are Moon Express, Synergy Moon, SpaceIL, Team Indus, Team Hakuto. They have until December 31st, 2017 to launch a spacecraft to the Moon. The first one to do that will win the competition.

The people in remaining five finalist teams are from different countries around the world.

Note that the task here isn't to build a rocket that would land on Moon, but to initially secure an officially verified launch contract to fly on board some rocket. And then land the spacecraft safely, to run at least 500 meters on the lunar surface, and of course transmit HD-video.

The competition was announced in 2007. All together 16 contestants signed up. The challenge invited privately funded teams to be the first to land a robotic spacecraft on the Moon where it needs to be able to travel 500 meters as well as transmit HD video and images.

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