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How to buy cryptocurrency?
Most of us have heard about cryptocurrencies. The most famous one of them is definitely Bitcoin which at least in my mind is connected a lot with two things.

NASA to test asteroid defense technique
NASAs asteroid deflection technique for planetary defense DART is moving from concept development to preliminary design phase.

Have a back pain from working on your computer all day?
If you're working on your computer all day like me, it's not uncommon to get a back pain every one in a while. But there are ways to avoid it, and there are also ways to relieve it once you've already managed to get the pain.

Open yourself up for brilliant inspiration and ideas
We live in a world of technology where things are changing daily, new tech is being developed all the time and it's getting more and more difficult to keep up with it.

Ways to use your mobile for business

Ways to use your mobile for business

2015-04-28 11:20:48

It pretty much goes without saying that we are relying on our mobiles more and more in recent years not only to stay connected socially, but to make our professional lives easier. Smart phones and tablets allow us to take our office wherever we go, remain in constant connection with associates and maximise time efficiency with easy collaboration. No more wasting time in a tedious commute or filing endless amounts of paperwork there is an app to ease nearly every business woe.

Here are a few of the many innovative ways you can utilise your mobile for business.

Accept payments
For small and growing businesses, it's all about building up a customer base. Businesses that limit themselves to cash-only transactions are alienating a whole demographic of consumers perhaps those who don't feel comfortable carrying bills or who haven't had a chance to pop to a cash machine. Card scanners that are compatible with your smart phone are a perfect way to solve this problem companies like iZettle and Square provide users with an easy-to-use reader. This is a great, paperless way to organise your transactions all using your mobile.

Collective editing
Another way to manage your business from a mobile device is by using an effective project management service. One example is Podio software that facilitates collaboration between team members. One of the most important aspects of mobile working is having instant access to up-to-date information whether you're putting the finishing touches to a new business pitch on the train or closing a sales lead and a program like Podio updates everything in real time, no matter where you're accessing it from.

Quality control
For companies involved in site inspection and quality control, you need a way to immediately access information on-site. Having a mobile app like that can configure all forms and make them accessible anywhere is invaluable for those whose work involves field service, inspections or retail audits.

Virtual meetings
Another great way that mobile devices can help us stay connected is by video conferencing. It's not just a way to chat to friends or family, it can be an incredible asset to growing your business. With an app like GoToMeeting, you're able to schedule a meeting with colleagues or clients from anywhere in the world, and you save money on travel costs.

The bottom line
No matter how you use your mobile for business, it's all about the immediacy of information. In essence, operating your business from a mobile device will make things smoother because you have necessary information at your fingertips. This means better-maintained relationships with customers and workers, less time wasted doing monotonous tasks that have been automated and the freedom to work wherever you want.

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