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Does user interface really matter?
I've been using a few programs for...well, not all my life, but probably since the beginning of 2000s. While there are a lot of different programs to choose from for everything you do these days, what is it that makes me use one or the other program or app? As one thing it's definitely the features it has, the features that you need, but at least for me it's definitely also about the simplicity and about the features they don't have.

The Benefits of Team Management Software
To successfully see a project through to its conclusion, it is vital to effectively manage the individuals undertaking each specific task.

That Gmail new look that you hate
Gmail recently change its look, and while it is not so different from the old one, most people, including me, seem to hate it.

A flying taxi to rule the skies by early 2020s?
Rolls Royce has unveiled a flying taxi concept which can transport up to five passengers as far as 800 kilometers with one charge. The hybrid taxi can fly at speeds of 400kmph, according to the company.

15 Ways To Spark An App Idea

15 Ways To Spark An App Idea

2012-06-21 06:04:59

Are you currently having difficulty brainstorming great app ideas? Sometimes it's hard to be very creative whenever you are caught up in the same day to day schedule, living space, or work cube that you're accustomed to. New encounters and assortment can ignite the best ideas. Try one of these simple tricks to switch up your routine:

1. Go somewhere totally different. Brainstorming at your family table is difficult because your brain is filled with the familiarity of household, so attempt taking your journal to your local cafe or park bench.

2. Drive an alternate way to work. Taking a unique route could spark an app for commuters, or perhaps you may see something along the way that inspires a brand new game.

3. Look through your preferred websites. Could a mobile app - grocery shopping, service comparison, newsfeed - help you communicate with the business enterprise?

4. Relax and watch your kids' activities. If you normally drop Jennifer off at ballet or let Alex take the bus to debate, make an effort going along for once. You can never predict what great ideas might possibly arise.

5. Consider a small roadtrip. Perhaps if you just drive for a couple of hours, time by yourself in a vehicle with new sights may very well ignite completely new ideas.

6. Speak to your acquaintances. Does one of them possess a very good app concept? You might offer to put together the pitch document or do the work for a significant share of the sales. Keep in mind to draw up a consulting legal contract!

7. Pay special attention at clubs and parties. Social scenes are good for having a good time, but they can also be fantastic hubs of knowledge and concepts. If you are usually on the watch for a prospective app, you may be pleasantly surprised how many tidbits you pick up on.

8. Browse through the news paper. No, you won't need to go cover to cover, but keeping up to date with brand new trends and events can spark timely and appropriate mobile app ideas.

9. Read a book. Immersing yourself inside a book may introduce you to different ideas or inspire an app for book organizations. You will also obtain a handful of relaxing hours of personal time, which is ideal for reflection!

10. Search the app store. This one would seem obvious, but when you happen to be caught up in your head, from time to time it's essential to head back to reality and have a look at what is actually already available.

11. Surf competing app stores. Is there an app for organization XYZ on Android? Come up with a very similar app for Apple, then simply pitch it to XYZ's competitor.

12. Talk to your children. Adolescence make up a large percentage of the app market, but their voices are rarely heard when it comes to building brand new games or interfaces. Find out what they would most like to see, and then refine it and create a pitch.

13. Talk to your parents. The flip side of the app market is the older generation. Younger generation may very well be apparent target, but more people 65 and older have started using iPhones and Androids. Generally there aren't as many apps geared toward these consumers, so if you hit on a excellent, beneficial idea, you possibly can claim first mover market share.

14. Just think ahead. Exactly what new products are coming out soon? Are any companies you're acquainted with launching a new marketing strategy or opening a new store? These are wonderful opportunities for apps targeted at expansion.

15. Try to think about your individual preferences. Don't ever underestimate your own power of creativity, simply because odds are, you've probably possessed some fleeting concepts for very good apps in the past - situations where you had a need or a desire that a mobile app could have helped with. Now is the time to take advantage of those brief inspirations and create them into winning app proposals.

Best of luck!

And finally, if you're interested learning how you can license your app ideas visit my site and download the first two chapters of my ebook for free! This article was written by guest author Ryan Theil.

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