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Cybersecurity tips to keep you safe from the CIA
The recent leaks, if you start thinking about it, should make us all at least just a bit paranoid.

Facebook is launching Messenger Day, Snapchat alternative
Facebook announced yesterday that they will be launching a new feature on their Messenger chat app. The features is a clone of Snapchat stories, and is meant to let people share their video diaries with just selected groups. Messenger Day also comes with a 24-hour auto-delete.

Did Trump manage to save Twitter?
In my eyes, Trump has given a huge boost to Twitter, especially considering that these days everyone are talking about Twitter every day. Everyone are even posting screenshots, or actual twitter messages inside their articles, and news stories. But has the free publicity actually helped twitter to come out of the hole they were in?

Batteries just got three times better
John Goodenough, co-inventor of Lithium-Ion battery, introduced a new battery that promises to hold three times more energy than li-on batteries. The battery is also safer, so there no chance of it exploding, and performs well even in low temperatures.

The ATM Wizard

The ATM Wizard

2015-04-09 01:47:17

When you are short of cash, you just walk to the ATM where you insert your card into the machine, then you respond to the questions asked on the screen to input your pin, and within a few seconds you walk away with your cash and receipt. Automated Teller Machine can be found virtually everywhere such as at most convenience stores, supermarkets and shopping malls. The world's first ATM was installed in 1967 by Barclays Bank in Enfield Town, London. Have you ever wondered how the funds become available to you at any ATM, even if it is located at the far end of a country?

As you may already know, ATM are mainly used to withdraw money. However, there is a way for you to earn cash without an ATM. You can earn loads of cash at Spin and Win Casino on Cash Wizard Slots, a game designed by Bally Technologies. This 5 reels, 30 payline online video slots features a wizard with a wand who has the ability to give you loads and loads of cash. With 5 amazing features, Cash Wizard Slots is definitely a game that can make you win a fortune.

The wild symbol on Cash Wizard Slots substitutes for all symbols except the Invisible Ink, Free Games, More Free Games scatters and the Potions symbols. The Wizard Wild Bonus Feature may be randomly started at the start of each game, while the reel are still spinning, where the wizard will appear and randomly award you 2 to 5 additional wild symbols on the reels before winning combinations are evaluated. Other features that you will discover are the Mystery Wheel Bonus Feature, which is randomly started where you will get one spin of a wheel that can award up to 20 Free Games. Free Games feature can be activated with the Mystery Wheel or when 2, 3, or 4 Free Games symbols appear on the reels. You can also trigger the Magic Potion Bonus Feature and Invisible Ink Bonus Feature that can award you great cash prizes.

Getting back to the ATM, those can be used for a multitude of transactions such as accessing your bank deposit or credit accounts for cash withdrawals, credit mobile phone, deposits, balance check, and even exchange foreign currencies. We have done a little research and we were truly amazed by the findings of how an ATM function. The magnetic strip on the back of our debit or credit card is read by the ATM which can decipher the black strip encoded with your unique card number, PIN, and expiry date. When your PIN is entered, the ATM communicates with your bank so as to be able to access your account information. This is possible thanks to a collection of massive interbank networks which use phone lines, central computers and internet access to distribute information among one another which help to make financial transaction easier.

So if you are requesting for an amount of cash, the ATM communicates with the interbank network to know your available balance before dispensing cash from different cash cartridges before it sends a message to your bank to withdraw the particular amount of cash you requested and any fees from your account. Now you know how the magic of an ATM works and how you get your cash!

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