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Does user interface really matter?
I've been using a few programs for...well, not all my life, but probably since the beginning of 2000s. While there are a lot of different programs to choose from for everything you do these days, what is it that makes me use one or the other program or app? As one thing it's definitely the features it has, the features that you need, but at least for me it's definitely also about the simplicity and about the features they don't have.

The Benefits of Team Management Software
To successfully see a project through to its conclusion, it is vital to effectively manage the individuals undertaking each specific task.

That Gmail new look that you hate
Gmail recently change its look, and while it is not so different from the old one, most people, including me, seem to hate it.

A flying taxi to rule the skies by early 2020s?
Rolls Royce has unveiled a flying taxi concept which can transport up to five passengers as far as 800 kilometers with one charge. The hybrid taxi can fly at speeds of 400kmph, according to the company.

facebook timeline

Facebook has signed its death certificate - it reads Facebook Timeline

2012-02-16 15:55:19

Facebook is dead, long live Facebook! When will Facebook have pissed off enough users for them to admit that the new timeline blows? I admit it might be my personal opinion about it, and just the hundreds of "friends" (oh fat, this sounds soooo facebook) who are talking about it and asking how to change it back. I've done a little research on the topic and ...

How to turn Facebook straight again?
There's actually more than one answer to this question.

  • The main one being the worst of course - You Lousy MF, you Can't Do It! You can't turn anyone straight! Didn't you know that? And the saddest part - if you haven't yet switched your profile into a timeline yet, most likely it will be done for you soon automatically.
  • The second answer is that IF you enabled it during beta phase via the developers site, you might be able to remove it for now. And...sorry guys, all of you who were now hoping to fix your stupid move, it was possible to delete the timeline app some time ago, BUT this method is not working anymore due to changes in Facebook's settings. So no point in going into it.
  • And then there's Fbpurity. These guys have taken a little different approach towards this issue. They have taken advantage of Facebook's laziness...or okay, practical mind, and the idea that you don't necessarily need to use Facebook to fix Facebook. The approach by these guys is browser based. It is important, however, to notice that because it's client-based approach and has nothing to do with Facebook's balls, you can change the Facebook look back to the old ugly look only for yourself. So if you don't like how your Facebook Timeline now looks and you change it for yourself, others will still see the timeline.

    From positive side of course, all the timeline profiles you will be visiting, yours and others, will look to you as normal old profiles.

    Another negative side of Fbpurity approach is that you need use Internet Explorer 7 engine and I don't know anyone who'd like to use Internet Explorer. But again from a positive side, you can use the IE7 engine with any browser. Now, if you are still interested, go here to get the instructions on how to change facebook look for you. These guys have basically just figured out the truth that Facebook hasn't updated their system for IE7 and because it's old already, they probably never will.

Come on, baby Mark, you own a small donuts house with branches all over the world and you don't like the fact that someone has created a support group for customers who have died of eating bad donuts, it sounds almost as bad as Justin Bieber.
I think Facebook is a good idea, definitely is, and my respect to sweet Zuckerberg, but when you go to Fbpurity website, you'll also see the message that Facebook disabled their group with 36k users and also the Facebook account of the owner of the group, it didn't sounds too good. Come on, baby Mark (yes, he's a year younger than me, so I CAN call him a baby!), you own a small donuts house with branches all over the world and you don't like the fact that someone has created a support group for customers who have died of eating bad donuts, it sounds almost as bad as Justin Bieber.

Yes, the truth is that according to one blogger (Jackie Cohen at AllFacebook) "less technologically inclined users of Facebook have said they find timeline overwhelming." He also mentions that even though there have been complaints after each and every upgrade, people have eventually gotten used to it. He also says that the timeline's changes might be a bit bigger learning curve.

Are people interested in yet another learning curve or yet another change they don't know they actually want Facebook to change it?

I have two questions (or statements, I don't know yet) here - I'm not "less technologically inclined" user and I still don't like it and when I think about my mother or father who are using it, I'm gonna cry (..okay, cry for facebook? Dream on.). The second question/statement - are people interested in yet another learning curve or yet another change they don't know they actually want Facebook to change it?

There have been many comedians out there, and some guys actually like the timeline, but the comment I've found the best so far - "The thing is so freaky, I'm too scared to visit my profile now." (no source, just in case)

I personally simply don't like Facebook Timeline as a user - when I look at others profiles that use timeline profiles, I'm sure someone has created something even worse and will do it again, but considering everything, facebook is fucking up. As one thing, people don't have a choice what type of profile they can use - we don't like that.

I do have to admit that it looks more beautiful than before, but I would like to question the practicality of it. And independent of the reason, I'm quite certain it's a step towards Facebook's death. Well, even if somehow I'm wrong about the timeline (though I don't think I am), with each new day, everything is closer to its death, even I am. Fact!

One way or another, it might be a good time to create a new social network. Guys, anyone up for it? Or better yet, don't answer the previous question, answer this one - guys, anyone up for real life?

Cheers! Techdonk

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