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How to buy cryptocurrency?
Most of us have heard about cryptocurrencies. The most famous one of them is definitely Bitcoin which at least in my mind is connected a lot with two things.

NASA to test asteroid defense technique
NASAs asteroid deflection technique for planetary defense DART is moving from concept development to preliminary design phase.

Have a back pain from working on your computer all day?
If you're working on your computer all day like me, it's not uncommon to get a back pain every one in a while. But there are ways to avoid it, and there are also ways to relieve it once you've already managed to get the pain.

Open yourself up for brilliant inspiration and ideas
We live in a world of technology where things are changing daily, new tech is being developed all the time and it's getting more and more difficult to keep up with it.

How to secure yourself from data hacks?

How to secure yourself from data hacks?

2017-02-24 03:37:18

Each of us has received some emails from veterans, kings, and lawyers we have never heard about, who want to give us millions. But to do that, they need some information from you. Are they legit? Hopefully you guessed right - they are not. Same goes for emails telling there's a problem with your ATM card or paypal account and request your login information to correct it. Or they have included a file you need to open to see what the problem is exactly about. Or the link inside the email that takes you to the login page, but when you check the url in in your browser address bar, it seems wrong (and it is). All of those ways are used to scam you to either release sensitive information to hackers, or open a file that will install malware that will then track your activity and get the sensitive information from your computer itself.

So the main thing you need to remember in order to secure yourself from different kind of scams and hacks - think before you act. Logical thinking often helps you a good deal. Obviously, it's not the only thing you can do.

Data Label has released some more information on how to keep your data secure.

But before you go read their article, below are a few other things you should keep in mind.

Anti-virus software

Make sure your computer has anti-virus software, ideally something that can also detect malware. And once you have it installed, make sure to always keep it up-to-date.


First of all, whichever website where your sensitive information is available gives you an option to have a password, Use that option. And use it wisely. Using it wisely means that you should have difficult to guess password that consist of a random series of letters (both lower and uppercase), numbers, and other characters. I'm aware this kind of passwords might be difficult to remember, so it could be easier for you, if even though it looks random, it would mean something for you. For example take InMeD@8aCitM which could translate to 'I need Money Every Day at 8 a Clock in the Morning'. The main thing, come up with something you will remember and would contain different kind of characters at the same time.

Double authentication

If some site gives you an option to use two-factor authentication, i.e. you first enter your username/password, and then on the next page you enter a pin code, make sure you enable it wherever possible, because it makes hacking your account a lot more difficult.

Open wifi

While it's actually a great thing that these days you might have free wireless network everywhere, it does have s downside. Open wifi networks make it very easy for hackers access your computer. And because of that you shouldn't do banking and related over an open wifi.

These are just a few things that can help you keep your data safe.

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