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Does user interface really matter?
I've been using a few programs for...well, not all my life, but probably since the beginning of 2000s. While there are a lot of different programs to choose from for everything you do these days, what is it that makes me use one or the other program or app? As one thing it's definitely the features it has, the features that you need, but at least for me it's definitely also about the simplicity and about the features they don't have.

The Benefits of Team Management Software
To successfully see a project through to its conclusion, it is vital to effectively manage the individuals undertaking each specific task.

That Gmail new look that you hate
Gmail recently change its look, and while it is not so different from the old one, most people, including me, seem to hate it.

A flying taxi to rule the skies by early 2020s?
Rolls Royce has unveiled a flying taxi concept which can transport up to five passengers as far as 800 kilometers with one charge. The hybrid taxi can fly at speeds of 400kmph, according to the company.

affordable gadgets

The most affordable Gadgets

2011-10-16 08:58:11

You may be an avid gizmo fan but if you don't have a fat pay check if becomes extremely difficult to tend to your wants. There are however a few gadgets that are fascinating, cool and within an affordable range all at the same times, making them very accessible. This means people with budget constraints can jump right in and add cool but cheaper gadgets to their collections.

Ouku Tab - Priced at a very affordable $125, this tablet that is offered by Lightinthebox boasts of being one of the cheapest tablets available in the market today. Exemplifying the fact that cheaper doesn't necessarily mean backward, this tablet has the following features; It has a 7 inch screen equipped with the Android 2.1 software and a battery life of about 4-5 hours once completely charged. Its storage capabilities are up to 4GB and can play various media formats for audio and video playback. With a resolution of 800x400, the touch screen is quite clear and effective. Available in a white body and accompanied by USB cables and adapters, earphones and a proper user manual this is perfect for those people who need a functional but not necessarily fancy tablet.

Nokia 2700 Classic - A mobile phone was initially meant to serve one basic purpose and that was to make emergency calls in case of crisis situations. While its uses have changed and developed, its basic purpose remains communication. A number of Nokia phones are available that cost less than $ 110 dollars making them extremely affordable. The Nokia 2700 Classic is one such phone that has an interal 32 MB memory and a memory card slot that allows up to 2 GB. It performs the basic make calls and receive calls functions and has the additional benefit of a 2 Mega pixel camera. Simple and cheap!

HP Mini 210 Series netbook- a netbook is more features than a simple tablet and doesn't have the bulkiness associated with a full size laptop. For working people on the go, these netbooks are virtually perfect. Available in a variety of about six different colours including black, blue and red this netbook has a Windows XP system, a 1GB RAM upgradable to 2, nearly 5 hours of battery life all for about $360. This device is sleek and attractive to look at and fully functional. Go ahead, indulge… but thanks to these prices, you won't feel a big hole in your pocket later.

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